Womens Health Initiatives Foundation

About Our Founder

Lyn Hogrefe is on a mission to educate women. Her personal journey to find balance was met with many challenges – she knew those experiences could help other women on their journey to wellness. In 2009 she opened the Happy Hormone Cottage, an education and resource center, which teaches women how to achieve optimal health through natural hormone therapy. Clearly there was a need for this service as her little cottage has expanded into multiple locations serving three states and growing. She is a warrior for women’s wellness that is fearless when it comes to telling the truth. Lyn says of her foundation, “I want The Lyn Hogrefe Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation to be my legacy of women helping women. I have access to cutting edge information that is valuable and useful in helping to prevent disease in women. One of my biggest interests is using hormone balance to help prevent breast cancer. Education in this arena and thinking outside the box is key. Raising money for Dr Rosenberg and his endeavors to help save late stage cancer patients with cutting edge strategies and therapies is crucial. 

“Her first book, “Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance,” was released in 2014, with the second edition released a year later. In 2017, Lyn co-wrote a book with several other area authors, “Success Powered by Relationships.”

“Most recently, in July 2022, Lyn co-wrote “Lifting Up: A Collection of Stories to Uplift and Inspire.”

She hopes women will be inspired by her passion to improve their quality of life naturally and benefit from her efforts to fund innovative research and therapies.

Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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