Womens Health Initiatives Foundation

Cat Toth


Cat has helped hundreds of people improve their well-being and health through drinking Kangen Water®. Kangen Water® is healthy drinking water that can help alkalize and super hydrate the body.
Cat joined the WHIF board in 2019 and has incorporated a Kangen Water® Machine into our Grant Program. We now provide the Kangen Water® Machine on loan for 6 weeks for our local grant recipients.

In 2015, she personally experienced profound health benefits from simply changing the kind of water she drank to Kangen Water®. From this experience, she made it her life’s purpose to share the information and technology with others.

She is passionate about all things health, our environment, being a wife and mother, spirituality and traveling to new places.

Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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