Dr. David Ellison

Dr. David M. Ellison is a highly skilled physician, is board certified in internal medicine, and has extensive experience and training in anti-aging, functional, cosmetic, nutritional and preventive medicine. He uniquely combines the best of traditional, holistic, and cosmetic medicine to give his patients the most well-rounded approach to achieving optimal health, wellness, and vitality that can be found in the area.

He founded Cincinnati Wellness Center (formerly Embody) in 2009 to offer patients a new kind of experience for their health, wellness, and anti-aging. He opened the doors to provide people with the latest proven medical technologies which preserve and restore youthfulness and vitality. What do you call the discipline of medicine that combines holistic, traditional, functional, anti-aging, natural, cosmetic and wellness approaches to a person’s healthcare with the goal of preserving or restoring vitality and a person’s full potential to live and feel the best way possible? Dr. Ellison has coined the term “Foundational Medicine” to refer to his unique approach.
Dr. Ellison strives to always operate in the best interest of the patient, and he has built a strong reputation on this quality. This means not only providing objective recommendations, but also making sure that he and his staff have the latest training and conduct extensive research before adding new technologies.
“Cincinnati Wellness is persistently on the leading edge of medicine,” says Dr. Ellison. “We were the first in the region to offer many of the technologies now commonly available. But, we aren’t given to trends or fads. We do our due diligence to test and research new technologies thoroughly before adding them to our practice to make sure they’ll meet the needs of our patients and deliver results safely and effectively.”

Dr. Ellison’s interest in this type of Medicine began long before he opened the doors of his practice. He graduated from medical school and completed his residency in Internal Medicine. His early career was mostly devoted towards academia as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, OH. Dr. Ellison’s dual training gives him a unique perspective on the benefits that a multidisciplinary approach can have, not just on the outward appearance of an individual but on their overall well-being.