Eric Dorney

I was born in Dayton and spent most of my life in or around the area. I have a diverse background of education including degrees in philosophy, psychology (WSU), professional music (Berklee College of Music), and of course Fitness and Nutritional certifications through ISSA (International Science of Sports Association).

I currently own a personal training studio named Motivated Motions. I’ve been doing fitness/personal training for almost 6 years; I decided a few years ago to branch away from gyms and open my own place. I wanted to do this was because I was tired of the bureaucracy that came with personal training clients/contracts and how big corporation gyms seem to see people more as profits coming in on the conveyor belt than actually giving them a one-on-one experience with the proper attention they need… or as I like to say, “I’m putting the ‘personal’ back in personal training”.

Motivated Motions has been up and running since April 2012 and I still love every minute of it. Seeing people take better care of themselves, having more respect for themselves and having a good time while doing it is definitely one of life’s big pleasures for me. Being able to connect with people on a real level is a wonderful opportunity that my career has given me. It is an honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation and more importantly serve the women they help.