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The WHIF Individual Grant Program

The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation (WHIF) is aware that many women (and men) would like to take a less traditional route in the prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases like cancer.   Most often, non-standard of care diagnostics and treatment are not covered by insurance and must be paid for “out of pocket”.  When this occurs, women are forced to choose their course of care based on what they can afford and NOT what they feel is best for themselves.  Thus, WHIF created its individual grant program which covers the cost of a number of these non-traditional health strategies, as follows: 

    • Initial case consultation cost (full or part) with Dr. Mark Rosenberg or other physician as assigned via the New Hope for Cancer Program at the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute. Consultation via phone or Skype.
    • Holistic Cancer Coaching sessions with Kelly Brown who is certified through the Center for the Advancement in Cancer Education. Kelly will work with clients to lower cancer risk, identify holistic treatment strategies, help clients recover from traditional cancer treatment. 
    • Financial assistance to cover the cost of diagnostic thermography screenings for men and women of the Head and Torso through Mindful Wellness Thermography in West Chester, Ohio (includes post screening consultation)  Mindful Wellness Thermography should hotlink to: Medical Thermography – Cincinnati Ohio (mindfulwellnessmedicalthermography.com)
    • We provide an alkalizing water system on loan for six-weeks in your home. This drinking water can help alkalize and super hydrate the body, offering peace of mind knowing the water you’re putting into your body is the healthiest it can be. (Recipient must be within 60-mile radius of Cincinnati)

Consideration for grants is based on income and individual situations. Men and Women may apply.  Payment for services will be paid directly to the provider. 

You may download or fill-out the grant application via the WHIF website. 

Please email grants@womenshealthinitiatives.org for more information.  We thank you for your interest in our mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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