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Lyn Hogrefe, M.S. Ed.

Lyn Hogrefe, M.S. Ed.


Lyn Hogrefe, Executive Director of the Happy Hormone Cottage in Centerville, Ohio, is a 30 year veteran teacher. Her passion for teaching middle-schoolers became apparent as she worked to develop relationships in her self-contained 6th grade classroom. Since she taught in poverty, her biggest challenge came in getting her students engaged in their own learning and in getting them to believe in themselves. She wrote and received several grants for her T.E.A.M. work concept (Together Everyone Achieves More) and was asked to present her ideas at an Excellence in Education forum at the state capitol in Columbus, Ohio. Lyn is included in two recent editions of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and received the coveted “Teacher of the Year” award from her district in 2004-05.

Lyn has transferred this passion from middle-schoolers to middle-aged women. Through her own personal struggles with balancing her hormones, she became involved with BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). Her education of and interest in natural compounded hormones has compelled her to develop her vision to educate and help women navigate through their own journey. In talking with women, she realized that women want and need not only education on healthy options for dealing with hormone imbalance and aging, but they also need their voices to be heard. To meet this need, Lyn began her Happy Hormone Cottage endeavor in August 2009 as a safe place for women to come to be educated and empowered to own their journey to natural hormone balance. Her mission is spreading the word to women everywhere that as our hormone tanks begin to deplete at around age 35, we must refill them for a high quality of life free from disease. When asked why she took this role as a women’s health advocate, she asks, “Why not me?” She is most excited to partner with and support New Hope for Cancer with Dr Mark Rosenberg, who is involved in the integrative and holistic treatment of cancer, which is saving lives. Lyn and her team are committed to supporting his patient treatments and his ongoing research.

Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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