Womens Health Initiatives Foundation

Madeline Schaub


Madeline was born outside of the states, and was raised in Anderson, Ohio where she graduated from Walnut Hills High School. After graduation, she started off at Eastern Michigan University, and then transferred to Xavier. She says, “I’ve left Cincinnati a lot, but I always end up back here, it’s my home!”

She is currently a personal and commercial agent at Firehouse Insurance in Mariemont, where she loves working with her brother and sister-in-law. She became fully licensed in February 2021 after a career pivot. She has a passion for design (creating and sewing her own clothing) and sustainability! She studied economic sustainability in school which led her to a career in fashion and then as an apprentice with a fashion shop. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it exceedingly difficult for small businesses to thrive enough to make it, so the shop had to close. She was already working part-time for her brother at Firehouse, so it was an “easy sell” to transition into her exciting new career.

Helping others fuels her fire! Feeling like she is enriching the lives of those in her community and even making a small difference excites her. She believes in trying to make a more equal world to provide access to resources and opportunities to those who typically get left out – women, people of color in marginalized communities, victims of domestic violence and drug abuse, the homeless.

Madeline learned about WHIF through Lyn Hogrefe after connecting with her in BNI. She kept connecting with people who were on the Board after that, like Alex and Noah. She says it would be an honor to be a part of such an amazing organization that gives back so much. Women’s health and access to the proper resources is something she has always been an advocate for, and she recognizes the need for it in more communities. Being able to educate, learn from, and advocate for these incredible women would be a dream come true for her. She believes heavily in what the organization is doing, and really resonates with not feeling restricted to the conventional routes of treatment such as radiation, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Maddie lives in Madisonville and works down the street in Mariemont. She loves working with her family and says she would not have it any other way. She has two furry “nephews” (Louie and Duke) at the office who she treats like her own. And, she has a new niece, sweet little Sophie.

In her spare time, you will find her hiking, reading, exploring the culinary scene, hula hooping, sewing, or at a concert.

She is happy to be a resource to anyone at all and is so excited to be a part of WHIF!

Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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