Womens Health Initiatives Foundation

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith works for a social media agency & learned about WHIF from Lyn Hogrefe while doing digital marketing for the Happy Hormone Cottage. She feels like she can bring some great skills to the table when it comes to building digital awareness & digital advocates for WHIF. She is passionate about holistic health & finding natural solutions when it comes to health over western medicine. She studies & listens to podcasts about a more natural approach to health & breakthroughs in holistic learning. She has lived in Cincinnati all her life. She traveled around the country in her early 20’s opening restaurants for a fast-casual dining chain and trained the staff at the new store openings. She has 3 children: Sierra (20), Chase (17), and Savannah (10) as well as 2 cats and a hamster. She enjoys crochet, reading, listening to podcasts, exploring the outdoors, cooking out, & hiking in her free time with her family.

Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation is on a mission to empower women and guide them to the truth about natural options which can prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


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Dayton, OH 45458