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New Hope for Cancer program at the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute (RICTRI)

Dr. Mark Rosenberg is treating and defeating many types of cancer. His passion was born out of his own mission to save his mother from metastatic lung cancer. He was not able to save her, but he did double her life expectancy through is exhaustive research and innovative approach to treating cancer.


He now works with all stages of cancer patients but specializes in late stage patients who’ve been told there is nothing else Standard of Care can do for them. Patients are finding hope where they thought none was left; Dr. Rosenberg is saving their lives. For some, he is able to completely cure their disease, for others, he converts their cancer from an acute terminal condition to a chronic condition which is then managed indefinitely like diabetes or HIV.

Rosenberg has developed a technique for treating advanced-stage cancer that focuses on altering the cancer environment, blocking as many pathways of cancer growth as possible in order to convert a progressive, terminal cancer into a chronic disease that can be managed indefinitely.

Dr. Rosenberg has identified commonalities in the ways that all cancer cells grow and developed medical strategies that inhibit that growth with and without chemotherapy.


He discovered a Cancer pH Manipulation therapy which actually causes cancer cells to (and their stem cells) to kill themselves. RICTRI has been working with 2 Universities (University of Minnesota and Rowan University) to finish up the pre-clinical (animal) work. A clinical trial cannot be done until the animal work is completed (in about 18 months)

WHIF is raising money to support his trials and to support some of his patients whose therapy is not covered by insurance.

About Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

Dr. Rosenberg has been involved with drug research since 1991. Having studied the mechanisms of cancer treatment failure, the following concepts have become apparent to Dr. Rosenberg. There are many substances, such as various chemotherapies, that are toxic to cancer cells in vitro (outside of the body, in a culture medium).

These therapies, however, are more often than not, ineffective in vivo (inside the body). Why are these therapies ineffective in humans?

  • Most, if not all cancers, are propagated by cancer stem cells. The bulk of a tumor consists of cancer cells that are not reproducing, or self-propagating. Chemotherapy, not only does not kill cancer stem cells (it only affects the non-reproducing cells), it tends to produce resistance in cancer stem cells.
  • Cancer stem cells are constantly mutating. When chemotherapy elicits a temporary response (by killing the non-dividing cells), the “remission” is short-lived. The reason is that the cancer stem cells quickly mutate resulting in a more aggressive cancer that no longer responds to that chemotherapy.
  • Blood supply to most tumors is poor, causing parts of the tumors to become hypoxic (low oxygen content) and acidic. These conditions promote aggressiveness and metastasis. In addition, because of inadequate blood supply, much of the tumor will not even get perfused with the intended chemotherapy.
  • Cancer is the interaction and communication between mutated cancer stem cells and its natural environment. The natural environment consists of the bone marrow (where the immune system resides), the milieu directly outside the cancer cells, and the energy supply to the tumors. Chemotherapy and radiation targets the cancer cells, while ignoring the environment. As long as the environment remains unaltered, the cancer cells will continue to communicate and propagate cancer.

Dr. Rosenberg has concentrated his efforts on altering the cancer environment, while blocking as many pathways of cancer growth as possible. His goal: to convert an acutely progressive terminal disease into a chronic disease that can be managed indefinitely.

To connect with Dr Rosenberg’s office staff or for more information, please email Shan Lezark at slezark@amtcare.com.

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